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of the Passengers Terminal

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Inaugurated in June 2007, was the first terminal goes into operation in the context of the proposed southern extension of the port of Alicante. Its facilities ensure both the safety of users and your comfort and optimize the time and cost of berths:

  • 350m quay
  • 2 RO-RO ramps
  • 31500 m2 of land
  • Terminal passengers
  • Commercial Area

The passenger terminal is divided into two structural elements:

Maritime Station:

Building located at the southern end of the spring 23, with an area of 3,500 m2 ground, spread over two floors (ground floor, mezzanine and first floor) whose primary function is to allow the loading and unloading of passengers from / to Algeria, in conditions of maximum security, and quality of service and optimal comfort for the type of traffic expected.

To achieve this goal , the building houses a number of facilities and public areas listed below:

  • Catwalk loading / unloading : linear structure along the springs 23 and 25 , allowing the transfer of passengers between the main building and the ship , secreted form of road traffic
  • 2 Fingers loading / unloading . movable structures , located at the springs 23 and 25 which communicate the catwalk with the vessel , and allow , with the first port operations performed completely independently of the traffic through two levels of access
  • in passenger cabins . located on the top floor of the building with four filters where passport control is performed, and the inspection of hand luggage
  • Cabins control vehicles . located on the ground floor , with four lanes where passport control is done and vehicle inspection .


Area of approximately 35,000 m2, divided into two main areas ( access road and parking areas ) , to allow access and parking of vehicles. Among the key services in this area include:

  • Vial
  • access , with two lanes in each direction separated by a median , which communicates directly with the highway, avoiding transit through the city
  • 20,000 m2 reserved for parking of vehicles and platforms , with the possibility of having two , three or four separate parking areas .
  • Space for the location of Red Cross services and Protection civil during Operation Step Strait (hereafter OPE) .
  • 20.000 m2 shadow
  • installed during the hottest months , coinciding with the OPE .
  • service restoration and sale of drinks outside Terminal during operation OPE .
  • Facilities for the location of portable toilets that are installed during the OPE .
  • 300 m2 reserved for companies intended to rent vehicle .
  • exclusive to service ships gouache Tomas .
  • 6 sources of freshwater for passenger service in concourses .


  • Puerto Alicante - Ampliación Sur
  • Muelle 23
  • 03008 Alicante (ESPAÑA)

GPS Coordinate

  • Latitud = 38º 19' 39.36 N
  • Longitud = 0º 30' 8.09 O

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