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Services of the
Passengers Terminal

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  • Commercial Plant : Located in the main building, has twelve commercial passenger service , catering, telephone booth , several shops , issuing green cards for circulation by the European Community , etc.
  • Dutty free on the first floor
  • Mosque: reserved and able to provide retirement and meditation of passengers , located on the mezzanine space
  • Local ticketing downstairs .
  • Café downstairs.
  • eligible for disabled Ramp access to the mezzanine and first floor.
  • Elevator, with stops on all floors of the building .
  • Terminal Building conditioned.2 persons assistance 3 wheelchairs.If you need to call 676127482 .
  • Service Barrier Terminal .
  • Service interpreter in Arabic / French / Spanish Terminal.
  • Service the passenger concourses own personnel directing traffic and information .
  • Mailbox for complaints and claims
  • Children's play area
  • Laundry
  • Disabled Inside
  • Disabled Outdoor

safety related services:

  • Building security : access to the main hall, but with separate entrances , where bodies and forces are located state security , with all the services necessary to perform their duties safely and with adequate quality of service. For this, the security building has separate floors for the National Police and Civil Guard , as well as a spacious living visual control
  • Private security . Security company whose function is to maintain control and support to the security forces of the state in all areas of the terminal , especially during loading and unloading , and during the stay of the vehicles in the parking concourses
  • scanner . scanner two passenger and two other baggage control hand luggage , packages and passengers in boarding and disembarking.
  • scanner for checking luggage in the room designated for it.
  • CCVT Network security camera esplanades and building
  • control Center . room where the remote control of cameras and recording file is located for 15 days throughout the Terminal and as areas concourses with 24-hour stay private security personnel .
  • Rounds surveillance by private security building and concourses with it enabled vehicles.
  • Control Terminal access by private security.

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