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Políticas de calidad en TMS

Quality Policy
and Environment

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Terminales Maritimas del Sureste takes as its own the Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy of OHL Concesiones.

OHL Concesiones, a company specialized in the development and operation of transportation infrastructures, is committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction in a sustainability framework, catering to the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

The Group's guidelines in terms of occupational health and safety, environment and quality are:

  • Prevention of injuries and health impairments
  • Protection and conservation of the environment
  • Compliance with technical and quality requirements from the start
  • Continual improvement

In order to comply with these guidelines, OHL Concesiones:

  • Demonstrates the commitment of the organization's senior management with a visible, effective and permanent leadership
  • Develops innovative solutions and designs products and services geared to improving management and to guaranteeing infrastructure-user's safety
  • Complies with the relevant legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and others as may be acquired, and remains alert to trends in order to keep its anticipatory approach to business
  • Sets targets, plans and monitors its activities under the principle of continual improvement in the performance and effectiveness of its management systems
  • Identifies, assesses and manages occupational, environmental and quality risks
  • Protects and preserves the environment and natural capital. The key tools for achieving this are pollution prevention and abatement and the optimization of resource consumption. The company addresses as priorities:
    • The conservation of ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity, particularly flora and fauna and ecological corridors
    • The development of a low carbon economy through savings and efficiency in energy use
    • The management of the impacts derived from the operation and maintenance of its infrastructures (energy consumption, GHG emissions and waste generation).
  • Promotes and requires of its suppliers and subcontractors compliance with all provisions and clauses, and collaborates in their awareness-raising and training
  • Furthers a culture of excellence that it assumes as a part of its day-to-day activity, encouraging team work
  • Maintains a bidirectional, trustworthy, clear and timely communication with its stakeholders and disseminates this policy

OHL Concesiones prohibits any action whatsoever that would involve uncontrolled risks in the performance of its work.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all of the activities and companies belonging to the organization, in all of the countries where it operates, and is led by the CEO of OHL Concesiones. The entire organization is familiar with the policy and complies, and the company's senior management guarantees the provision of the resources necessary for ensuring such compliance.


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