Berthing line

360 m


14 y 12 m


2 for vehicle loading and downloading​

Parking lot

30,000 m2

Passenger terminal

The passenger terminal is divided into two structural components:

Maritime Station

Building located to the south of wharf 23, with a ground surface area of 3,500 m²; its basic task is to allow passenger boarding and disembarkment to and from Algeria, with the utmost safety, offering the best quality service and comfort for the type of traffic expected.

In order to achieve this objective, the building accommodates a series of facilities and common areas described below:

  • Boarding/disembarkment gangway: this allows passenger transfer between the main building and the vessel, separately from road traffic.
  • 2 boarding/disembarkment fingers: mobile structures linking the ganway to the vessel; along with the gangway, port operations may be carried out totally separately from road traffic, with two-tier access.
  • Passenger control cabins: with four filters, to check passports and inspect hand luggage.

Vehicle control cabins: with four lanes for passport control and vehicle inspection.


Distributed into two basic areas- access road and parking areas- to enable vehicle access and parking. The essential services provided in this area include:

  • Access road, with two lanes in each direction, with a dividing median strip, directly linked to the highway, avoiding the need to cross the city.
  • 20,000 m² reserved for the parking of vehicles and platforms, with the possibility of having two, three or four independent parking areas.
  • Space reserved for the stationing of Red Cross and Civil Protection services, during the Operation Strait of Gibraltar [Operación Paso del Estrecho] (hereinafter, OPE).
  • 20,000 m² of shaded areas installed during the hottest months, coinciding with OPE.
  • Food & drink service outside the Terminal, during OPE.
  • Facilities able to include portable healthcare points, installed during OPE.
  • 300 m² reserved for rent-a-car companies.
  • Exclusive supply points to fill up vessel water tanks.
  • 6 sources of drinking water for platform passengers.

Download the road access plan for the Passenger Terminal by clicking here (spanish version)​


The Passenger Terminal has commercial facilities, in the main building, with passenger services, such as restaurants, telephone booths, various shops, “green card” offices to travel inside the European Community, etc. The facilities also offer the following services:

  • Duty Free on the first floor.
  • Mosque: a reserved space prepared for passenger retreat and meditation, on the mezzanine.
  • Ticket offices on the ground floor.
  • Coffee shop on the ground floor.
  • Certified ramp for handicapped access to the mezzanine and first floor.
  • Elevator, stopping at all floors in the building.
  • Air conditioned Terminal building.
  • Reduced mobility service in the Terminal, with 2 assistants and 3 wheelchairs. Service available at 676127482.
  • Interpretation service at the Terminal (Arabic/French/Spanish).
  • Pasenger assistance on the platforms, with own staff to direct traffic and provide information.
  • Mailbox for Complaints and Claims, located next to the ramp leading to the mezzanine.
  • Children’s playarea.
  • Laundromat.


Security building

Linked to the main hall, through a separate entrance, accommodating the national security corps and forces, with all the necessary services to carry out their tasks safely, with the necessary quality. Separate floors for the National Police and Civil Guard, and a large room for visual surveillance.

Private safety

Security company used to control and back up the national security forces in the Terminal’s entire precinct, particularly during boarding and disembarkment, and whilst vehicles remain in the parking lot platforms.


Scanners for passengers, hand luggage and checked-in luggage, to control luggage and passengers during boarding and disembarkment. The Terminal has a Control Centre and a CTVC security camera network for platforms and the building, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.