The Terminal is at the service of local sustainable development. Terminales Marítimas del Sureste is certified under National Ports service quality standards and carries out its activity following an integrated quality, environmental, safety and occupational health management system.

Less consumed electricity

TMS has a photovoltaic solar facility on the roof of the main building, for self-supply. The facility consists of 152 polycrystalline silicon modules, with individual power of 270 W, resulting in total maximum peak power of 41 KW. All panels are instaled at the same roof angle, making up a secondary roof lining. The photovoltaic facility’s estimated annual production of electricity is 57,869 kWh.

Quality, Environmental & Safety Policy

TMS, involved in stowage and unloading, loading, downloading, transfer and storage of containers and ro-ro at the Port of Alicante, strives to achieve the utmost satisfaction of its stakeholders.

TMS has adopted Aleatica S.A.U.’s Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy as its own, based on the following environmental guidelines:

  • Prevention of harm and damage to the environment and to health
  • Protection and preservation of the Environment
  • Fulfilment of requirements
  • Continuous improvement

In order to meet these guidelines, TMS undertakes to:

  • Ensure that good environmental practices are applied in the business and labor fields of all activities under its management, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Fulfill all applicable environmental legislation and other requirements applicable to the Concession.
  • Identify and evaluate all aspects associted to its direct activities, and any aspects linked to activities contracted or outsourced to third parties in the facility.
  • Establish targets aimed at improving environmental aspects generated by the concession’s activities, as well as aspects associated to complementary activities.
  • Apply active environmental management for relevant environmental issues, and other priorities.
  • Establish devices to guarantee adequate competence and qualifications in environmental practices, for its staff and contractors, associated to the concession’s operation and maintenance.
  • Establish bidirectional communication channels with its workers, to particularly include a suggestions mailbox and means to communicate with its users and/or clients.
  • Establish a system with which to receive and effectively reply to complaints or claims from the Port Authority and Maritime Administration, as well as other competent administrations.
  • Keep manuals and procedures on the foregoing.

To download the Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy, here.