Our Project

The port extension project, operated under a concession granted by the Alicante Port Authority to Terminales Marítimas del Sureste (TMS), will endow the port with modern and competitive infrastructure, in line with transportation policies promoted by the European Union in response to increased maritime traffic in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Corridor

TMS is a destination port for import merchandise (machinery and auxiliary equipment for the shoe industry and agricultural/cattle products) arriving from Asia and other European cities. Exported goods include shoes, marble, textiles and agricultural products sent to Europe, America and North Africa.

A terminal connected non-stop

All terminal equipment is linked to the control center for quality assurance and to guarantee performance in operations; terminal users may access these systems through various portals, in order to manage their operations and be informed of container status.

Innovating operative model

All our terminals are administered under an innovating management model, where tasks are undertaken both as the owner and operating port. The railway terminal, at the back of wharf 21, offers weekly service between Alicante and Madrid and has a platform with unit capacity of up to 500 m and 40,000 EU/year in each direction.

Safe terminal

Facility design, as well as highly automated operations, in Terminales Marítimas del Sureste, guarantee accident prevention: for us, safety comes first.

Surface area

  • Containers 15 ha
  • Multipurpose 6.5 ha
  • Bulk 12 ha
  • Passenger 3 ha


  • Containers 400,000 TEU
  • General merchandise 3,000,000 t
  • Bulk 1,000,000 t
  • Passengers 500,000


  • 2 Post Panamax Cranes
  • 3 Kone Transtainers
  • 7 Kone Reach Stackers
  • 16 Mafis / Tractors
  • 11 Platforms and 4 Forklifts




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