A reference logistics platform in the Atlantic, with equipment and facilities designed to service cutting-edge vessels along trade routes in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Far East, with emerging markets in West Africa and South America.

TMS makes up a multimodal platform operating as an import, export and transfer port in trade exchange with North Africa and short-distance maritime transport in the European Union.

Letter from the Manager

I am pleased to greet you and welcome to TMS (Terminales Marítimas del Sureste, S.A.)

Our intention is to introduce the supply of our multimodal platform that behave different port activities and whose equipment, management systems and commitment in implementing quality models, we hope to give support in TMS port activities in the port of Alicante and we trust will be of interest to business development.

Given its prime location, the port of Alicante has always been related to maritime trade, especially in the Mediterranean Sea. In this sense, there have been many initiatives for the modernization and increased activities in it. These initiatives include, for the challenge, “the Port Expansion Project”, which are specified in Southeast Marine Terminals (TMS ) and consist of 4 springs that will host 3 terminals designed to provide all services required shipping and foreseeable development and find the details during your visit to our web environment regarding the Passenger Terminal, Multi Purpose Terminal and Terminal bulk solids and liquids.

Worth mentioning the TMS team, their professionals sea and port activities available to TMS, which we are at your disposal, and the service of its clients, to work for the success of their projects and ensure the consolidation and continuity into the future.

All confident that TMS is the reference for your business and your hand mark the way forward forward, in the coming years.

Receive our most respectful welcome, and the best hits.

Jesus Aznar Martinez

quienes somos

TMS, a comprehensive solution

The extension of facilities, along with their privileged site and location, has consolidated Alicante’s position as an entry port for merchandise traffic in the trade hub of the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Far East, providing a comprehensive solution to shipbuilders and the logistic chain, carrying out their activity in the region.

Average Payment Timeframe
Pursuant to the provisions of Act 3/2014, of 3 December 2014, amending the Capital Stock Companies Act to improve corporate governance, please note that the average timeframe for the payment of Terminales Marítimas del Sureste, S.A. suppliers has been 49 days for the period 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018.

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